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WoW Leveling Guide Programs – How to Get to 80 Fast

By Steve Phipps

WoW leveling guide programs in the last year or so have made power leveling any toon in World Of Warcraft in about 7-8 days played time possible for any player.

New players always run into frustration when leveling toons at some point. It is called “hitting the wall”.

This happens for many reasons but mostly because you burn out on trying to figure out how to complete quests or constantly trying to figure out where to quest next.

The best in game WoW leveling guide programs are designed to take away all that frustration and allow players the ability to actually enjoy playing the game while following the lore and leveling as fast as possible. Novel concept right?

Using these in game World of Warcraft power leveling guide programs start with a directional arrow that guides a player through the fastest questing routes in the game.

This allows players to quest very rapidly but also give you a break from questing to run dungeons and get the best gear upgrades at your current level.

With the addition of the random dungeon feature these WoW leveling guide programs have become even faster than ever before because you can queue for a dungeon, complete it and come back out right where you are in the guide.

Many are saying that adding random dungeon runs with the best in game horde or alliance leveling guides has cut as much as a full day of play time from power leveling to the level cap.

This also means they eliminate the the quests that are simply a waste of time in the game and there are many of them.

Remember Blizzard has you paying monthly so anything they can do to extend your playing time is to their benefit. This is why these time wasting quests are added to the game.

The best WoW leveling guide programs install like addons and provide you with so much more questing detail than Blizzard provides in the game. Add this additional questing details to the directional arrow and the fact you are doing the most beneficial quests…

You are left with the best way to power level any toon horde or alliance.

I have leveled dozens of tons to the level cap in Vanilla World Of Warcraft as well as Burning Crusade and now WotLK.

Having a great in game power leveling guide will no doubt help me get a jump start on the new level cap every time it is raised in an expansion like the upcoming Cataclysm expansion.

If you have ever tried the old WoW quest helper or Carbonite Quester you certainly want to check out some of the premium World of Warcraft in game power leveling guides.

You will certainly not believe the difference and how you ever leveled toons without having one installed as an add-on.

All the best programs have both Horde and Alliance guides as well as the ability to start in any racial starting area. You can even take existing toons and start using the guides no matter what level.

About the Author: You can always get a great look at the best in game leveling guides at a great website dedicated to reviewing and providing in game video of the top guides at: WoW Quest Helper Reviews.


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