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Prison Inmate Search – Find Inmate Public Records Online

Author: Sandra Stammberger

There are several reasons to search inmate records for information about who is being held and where. If you need to track down a prisoner, the internet is the best place to begin. There are sites that contain all of the public information for all of the inmates in each corrections facility, and many of the search services are offered free of charge. There are laws in several states that require prisoners names to be posted for the public, and the internet is an excellent place for prisons to localize that public information and make sure they are in compliance with the law.

Begin with Free Searches

A good prison inmate search should start on one of the websites that offers free searches. You won’t get the most detailed information through a free search, but you will find some preliminary facts that will help you know if you’re looking in the right direction. Many local prisons have listings that can be accessed by anyone at anytime. Several websites offer extensive lists of prison populations, and you can get a quick overview without spending any money.

Narrow Your Search by State

Another strategy for a prison inmate search is to begin with the state you want to investigate. If you know what state you’re wanting prisoner information from, your search time will be reduced a great deal. Most prison search websites are organized by state, which helps you find a good starting place. Once you’ve begun to search the state facilities, you can dig to the deeper levels of city and county facilities.

Older Records

If you’re performing a prison inmate search for older prisoners who may have been released, there are websites dedicated to prison archives as well. Prisoners who were held before the 1980s may be difficult to track down through online sources, however, and you will probably have to visit the prison in person to find the documentation you need. Most prisons keep extensive records, and will be happy to help you. It’s a good idea to call the prison office before your visit so that they have a chance to prepare the files you may need.

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