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So how will this Google Sniper make ,000 a month??

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Google Sniper by George Brown, was designed to be easy to follow. It is not aforementioned those courses where they bring you a whole bunch of videos, books and other stuff and then leave you wondering where to start. Google Sniper is simple to understand. You have one big tutorial where everaything (down to the very last detail) is located. The system taught is to bring you  a simple, step by step manner. George provides a collection of videos to supplement the theory and information in the book. As you are reading along, there are some lessons placed that simply tell you to ‘watch video X now’. These videos show exactly how things are to be done. Finally there are process maps. This a powerful addition and basically outlines the whole process from start to finish. You simply switch off what you have finished and quickly spot any item(s) that may have missed. These are additional videos so that when you build future sites, you do not have to review the whole course, but instead  check out the step by step blueprint.

The Good

The system is designed in the aforementioned manner as the instruction are SIMPLE. Google Sniper is based upon the creation of tiny sites that bring in commissions for you while in complete autopilot for months and even years. The instruction teaches you exactly how to create these sites – the whole process from start to finish. Nothing is left out. The whole system is based upon your site promotional efforts for free targeted traffic which is obtained from having a top ranking on Google. First, you achieve this top 10 result ranking though targeting the right keywords. Secondly you use some of the powerful little known search engine improvement techniques that provide your site as having razor sharp focus in the eyes of the major search engines. George reminds us that traffic does not make money. You must focus on this traffic for all it is worth, through powerful pre-selling tactics and strategies in order to attract the highest amount of buyers you may bring to your tiny pages. Ultimately you want to use the system to maximize your sites profitability. George explains this very well on how good keyword research and proper targeting improvements and off site improvement (link building) equals a lot of traffic from Google, and all the targeted customers you will want. The instructions are very well laid out and easy to understand. What I really like about the system is that there is not a lot of fluff. You do not have to waste your time combing through a lot of repetitive information to get to the information pertaining to traffic and conversions!

The bottom Line This program is simple and effective in producing income that can be duplicated over and over again. As you build more smaller sites, the revenue obtained multiples. It does not take a lot of time to update your sites to increase revenue. Since the program is so simple, it is a great way to begin in making money on line. Both novice and pros can use these tools to make income on line. It is certainly worth purchasing and working as both a primary and alternative income stream.

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