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For a safe and prolific experience we provide you with a guide which can help you making your travel unforgettable. The guide takes you to the level where you are self efficient to make your stay pleasurable.
The United Kingdom:
Geographical Overview and Climate
Comprising most of the British Isles, United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy which has Great Britain and Northern Ireland under its kingdom of Queens rule.
Four constituent nations comprises the Union, namely; ENGLAND,SCOTLAND, WALES and Northern IRELAND. The Union specifically comprises of whole of the island of Great Britain, the north eastern part of Ireland and most of the remaining British Isles.
Ireland mainland or the Republic Of Ireland got its independence in 1922 and is not under the Queens rule and separate country altogether.
France, Belgium, Ireland and Netherlands are its nearest neighbours.
The largest city and the capital of United Kingdom is LONDON.
The total geographical area of the UK is 243,610 sq. kms. It is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean and the North sea with its south-east coast coming within the range of 35kms of Northern France which is separated by the English Channel. England accounts over a half of the UK having Thames, Severn and Humber as the main rivers and estuaries. Terrain is a lowland.
On a basic note the climate in the UK is temperate with plenty of rainfall around the year. The temperature goes down to 12 F which can rise upto 95 F. Western regions mostly acquire the majority of the rainfalls and the eastern parts of the country are the driest. The prevailing wind is from the Atlantic Ocean, bearing mild and wet weather which can be soothing to the people travelling to the country. Summers are effective in the south eastern part of the country and its coolest in the north with a rare deep settling snowfall in the time of winters.
Culture and Languages
Historically, the British people were thought to be descendants of various ethnic groups like Celtics, Romans and The Normans. But with the recent census and analysis of the major population residing or the modern British people in UK have ancestors who moved into the British Isles 6200 years ago.
Liver pool, has a oldest black population in the country and the oldest Chinese community in Europe.As of 2001 census,92.1% population identify themselves as whites and people from the minority ethnic groups are moving back to their homelands, who when forged by the British empire to move in the UK.
Currency and Cuisine
The official currency of the country is POUND STERLING commonly known as POUND. Being the Third most held reserve currency, Sterling is the fourth most traded currency in the foreign exchange market.
Pound can be exchanged with several other currencies from various exchange private or public issued outlets across the country.
English cuisine is a blend ,shaped by its climate, its geography and its history. But the Modern British cuisine has become increasingly popular with its use of the high-quality local ingredients prepared in such a way that a person with a high taste and knowledge of food cant skip some mouth watering dishes served in this part of the world. Some are Fish and chips(popular take away),Kippers(for breakfast) and Sunday roast with roasted beef and roast potatoes.
Varieties found in the Modern cuisine is a cummulation of Anglo-indian, English, Gibraltarian, Northern Irish, Scottish or Welsh cuisine which gives a perfect experience of accentuate flavours.
Hotels and Accommodations
Mesmerizing locations of the stay-inns in any part of the country makes you feel in a different world altogether, having a range of small budget, medium budget to 5&7 Starers, depending upon your need and luxury.
In the capital for a longer time of accommodation requirement, there are service and studio apartments fulfilling all your needs and luxuries. If you are wondering how to go through the city Channel Tunnels and how to make your living in the UK measurable on the account of luxury you want, then this is the right place ,where you can find all your needs fulfilled with all the information you may require.

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