For first time authors, the act of publishing their work presents unique challenges.  For an author, the publishing of their work is the culmination of months or perhaps even years of labor.  Authors write so that others may read their work and share their vision.  Unfortunately, for first time authors finding a publisher is often difficult.  Publishers are in business, and like all businesses they are looking to make a profit.  Dedicating time, money, and resources to publishing an unknown author is a risk that many publishers are hesitant to take.

Instead publishers tend to focus upon established authors that already have a dedicated and loyal following.  The problem with this is that it makes it difficult for young and talented authors to get the exposure they need.  Fortunately with the implementation of electronic books, it is now easier than ever for a new author to be published.

With options to publish electronically, new authors have more of a chance to get their work to an audience than ever before.  Many electronic publishers offering lucrative financial opportunities inspiring a new generation of authors who are now actively seeking out an electronic publisher.  While this has certainly dealt a blow to traditional publishing houses, it has also forced them to adapt.

Many traditional publishing houses are now seeking out established electronically published authors and offering them book deals that are very financially rewarding.  Electronic publishing has changed how books are published in many ways.  Not only is electronic publishing a viable option for new authors, it has also forced established publishing houses into rethinking their publishing practices.

Although the first step in becoming a successful author is and always will be talent, the new options available to them has made getting recognition easier than ever before.  First time book authors today enjoy a variety of options in getting their vision out to the world.