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Best Way To Try Salvia For First Time

Author: Andrew Symonds

Since salvia is an herb that is meant for medicinal purpose, the use of it is legal in most countries except for a few. It is also not a very harmful drug and gives pleasure only for a short period of time. Teenagers and middle aged people who are in the habit of exploring new
adventures love to have a taste of this weird drug that provides an elated feeling that lasts only

for a few minutes or to the maximum of half an hour. The drug is sold in various forms like extracts, leaves etc. packed and sold in varying weights and sizes. Salvia can be chewed and swallowed or smoked and inhaled. According to the method of use salvia has to be bought from the stores. If it should be smoked or chewed, the leaves are used and in the event of swallowing, people usually use the extracts by placing drops of it under the tongue.

However, if one is planning to use salvia for the first time, it is essential to keep the mind free from stress and feel relaxed. It should be remembered that this is not a drug meant for use during party time. It can be used in the presence of one or two people. Since this is the first time a sitter would be good, or a person you trust who is not taking the drug with you.

It would be extremely beneficial, especially since this is the first time, to turn off the TV and radio switch, take the phone off the hook, and keep pets away for a while. This is going to take only a short while that would last up to half an hour and hence a time like late in the evening would be ideal. A bit of music can be played only if one is a music lover, otherwise just a trusted friend or a sitter would be fine. Get relaxed and feel comfortable while reclining on a couch or bed in a semi-darkened room. In preparation take about 3 to 4 pinch hits of the salvia leaf, the size can be as that of a pea for each hit. Use a water pipe or maybe a bong; the water pipe should be filled with cold water or ice chips. With the help of the sitter, the leaf dust can be loaded into the pipe.

Use a lighter to light the pipe and not matches. Suck on the pipe while the fire is still burning on the salvia. This would vaporize the herb which can be drawn in for a minimum of 20-30 seconds on a first attempt. After exhaling completely, then second inhaling and exhaling, then the third one immediately after the second can be followed. A few deep breaths can be taken in between each hit. The entire process would be finished in less than two minutes.

After this there should be no movement or talking unless there is a problem that the sitter detects. One should lie still for ten minutes with eyes closed. During this time a peculiar fairytale
like feeling would engulf and you would have a feeling like flying in space or viewing your favorite movie, seeing strange things happening. Enjoy every moment of this feast and just don't
get distracted.

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Following some of these good tips could be the most effective way of attempting to take salvia for the first time. It is safe and enjoyable and lasts for a few minutes, but the salvia experience is extremely fascinating.

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