Dorrance Publishing company is an established publishing company specializing in providing low cost publishing for those writers and authors who are struggling to get their works published. For many writers and Authors especially those new to the publishing world, it can often be an uphill struggle trying to get their work published. This is especially so if they are trying to publish the traditional way, which involves submitting their work to publishers who will own all the rights to the work, and will put a limit on the amounts that will be published, after which no more copies can be printed. Publishing by this method also means that the work cannot be published by any other source. Authors who have their work published by the traditional methods nowadays are either established authors, or celebrities. As these are already known their works are more likely to be sure of success in the market.

Over recent years this has caused more and more writers and authors to use the method of self publishing in order to get their work seen by the public. Self publishing gives the author or writer full rights of their work, and mean that they can print as much copies as needed. Furthermore they can have their work published, and sold by various sources as opposed to the traditional method. This provides greater opportunities of success for new authors/writers wanting to have their work seen in the market place. Dorrance Publishing provides an excellent service assisting many authors to self publish their work successfully.

They provide a range of services all at competitive prices to suit the author’s need and budget, this starts from a basic publishing service to a more exclusive publishing package. The basic publishing involves the editing and printing of a set amount of paperback books, which are then made available on their website, and can be promoted anywhere off or online by the author. Each different range of their services comes with more benefits to the author, these include the editing of the work, providing the design of the book cover to suit their customers needs, putting the published work in various book shops world wide, online advertising via their website, printed copies of the book for the author, as well as ongoing updates, and support for the authors.

For many authors Dorrance Publishing offers a fantastic service that has helped them to publish their work world wide. Not only do they provide a quality publishing service, they also provide a first class customer care service with trained and competent staffs who are competent to answer all customers inquiries, and ensure they receive the necessary invoice confirming, and giving full details of any orders including the full costs. From their website authors can see their published work on show to the public, which gives them a sense of achievement and satisfaction. This, many authors would have never achieved from the uphill pursuit of the traditional methods of publishing. Overall a truly fantastic service offering many benefits at very low cost.