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Beware of Scam Custom Essay Writing Services!

Author: Jenny Stewart

Looking to Buy Custom Essays from authentic writing service website? No matter how motivating a custom essay site may look like, you must be confused & worried about its authenticity. It is because you know that if you a buy an essay from a scam website, then it would result in;

• Wastage of your money!
• Poor Academic Grades!
• Bad Impression on your teachers about you in case of Plagiarism!

Therefore, before you buy any custom essay service, keep the following CONSIDERABLE points in your mind.


1. Availability of Immediate Customer Support

  • Genuine Phone number or Fax Number according to the Location of Supplier.
  • According to the Industry standards response to customer query is less then 24 hours. If you have an essay to submit within 24 hours, you should expect a reply within 24 according Industry standards from an authentic custom essay website.
  • Customer Support Person should clearly sound British or American by accent and provide you with needed essay help.


2. Postal address provided

  • Custom Essay Writing service provider must be legally registered with company with a legal physical postal address clearly displayed on their web site.
  • Beware of “P.O. Box addresses”, mention of which indicates that that postal address is NOT owned by a Custom Essay provider but it is located on the premises of Post office Station.


3. Opportunity to contact other Customers & Writers

  • You should have the opportunity to contact the customers who have had already bought the services from the website. Also the direct communication with the essay writers is must to figure out the credibility of the “Custom Essay writing Service”.


4. Refund Policy

  • A custom essay writing service should offer 100% refunds to their customer incase of:

    • Low Quality Standard
    • Late delivery time
    • Plagiarism.



Most of the scam custom essay service websites make emphasis on the comparison of “Price Structure” to use it as an argument to prove other writing services wrong. For e.g., there is a claim of one of the custom essay providers:

“The starting price for custom essay or research is .95/page or lower. Only outsourcing to Indian or Pakistani writers can allow these companies to charge this price!”

Just because they are expensive than other, it does not make them authentic. Yes, there are scam custom essay websites outsourcing to Indian or Pakistani writers who charge cheap price for the service but the statement does not include all! These types of bogus statements are mostly made by no one but those very Pakistanis & Indians who know their nature well, so they use these very types of bogus arguments to promote their own scam websites! A profitable custom essay company would never use such tactics to attract their visitors regardless of their price they charge. Simply because they don’t need to do so!


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Jenny Stewart is a PhD in Human Relation. She is an educational consultant and utilizing her skills in helping the students to accomplish there education successfully. She is changing the student’s difficulties into ease since many years by helping them with her skills and knowledge to get there projects done efficiently.

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