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How To Read Digital Comic Books on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

Author: Abby Sounder

The iPad is perfect for reading your digital comics. It beats out the Kindle and other ebook readers because, unless you’re reading a graphic novel in B & W, then you want to see your comics in color. Duh!

You have lots of choices for downloading comic books to your iPad. You can download them individually or you can get a subscription to one of the comic book publishers like Marvel Comics for .99 a month or .88 for a year’s subscription. The drawback with this type of membership is it locks you into just Marvel comics and you probably want to also read manga and graphic novels.

Another way to go is to buy your comics through the Kindle store, or Barne’s and Noble Nook, or the iTunes store. If you go that route you’ll need to get the App for those stores for you iPad.

However we’ve also found two membership sites, that for less than the price of the Marvel membership let you download unlimited books, magazines, comics and newspapers.

One of these sites is My Pad Media a membership site that offers fast downloads for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. They offer unlimited downloads of comics, books, magazines, newspapers and other media with no download fees. They also include 24/7 technical support for their members. My Pad Media has been in business for awhile so they have a pretty huge selection and growing all the time. Their membership is .95 for a lifetime membership with a 60 day full refund if you don’t like the service.

The other membership site is Pad Bro. It offers a similar membership and offers the unlimited books, magazines, comics and newspapers. It seems very similar to My Pad Media and also offers the 60 full refund if you don’t like the membership. This membership costs and is also for a lifetime membership! If you sign up with Pad Bro right now they’re also including a bonus gift of IPTuber, which allows you to watch TV programs on your computer.

Both of these membership sites also support downloads for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Sounds worth checking out.

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