How to Find a Good Consolidation of Debt Agency That is Non Profit

By Dustin Garrido

There are many agencies out there that can consolidate your debt that are non profit. This article will inform you of several agencies and a little bit about their services that can help you consolidate your debt.

The Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp.( is an one of the premier non-profit agencies that can help you consolidate your debt. They are known for having some of the highest standards of quality in the consolidation debt industry. Not only will they help you consolidate your debt, they also can teach you the means of managing your personal finances so that you will never fall into the pit of debt again. They also offer credit counseling as well.

Once you contact them and apply for their debt management program, you will be assigned what they call a “Certified Credit Counselor.” This person will ask you about everything related to your financial situation – which will likely involve your total amount of debt and your current income. After this, they will work with you on how best to overcome your debt problem by providing you a detailed plan of action. Be sure to ask any questions you might have when you talk with your counselor.

The credit counselor’s job is to work with your creditors in reducing your monthly payments, lowering your interest rates and also reduce or even eliminate the late charges. You will have access to an online account at that you can make your one monthly payment which will be dispersed to the proper accounts by the non-profit agency. They also have a multitude of other payment options like Western Union, pay-by-phone, or Moneygram if you can’t pay online. Remember that your credit counselor is their to help you.

Here is a list of other non profit agencies specializing in the consolidation of debt that are non-profit:

– Advantage Credit Counseling Service ( – debt management, bankruptcy, housing, and credit counseling services.

– Alliance Credit Counseling ( -Nationwide credit counseling-non profit.

– American Consumer Credit Counseling ( – non profit consolidation of debt agency.

– Big Solutions, Inc. ( – Credit counseling and debt management.

– Christian Credit Counseling Centers ( – Counseling on secured and unsecured debt. Offices in Houston TX, and Tulsa OK.

– Clear Point Financial Solutions ( Non profit, credit counseling, and other financial services. Nationwide.

– Consumer Credit Counseling of Greater Dallas, Inc. ( – Non profit, community service, avoid bankruptcy through education and counseling. Branches in- Atlanta, Central Florida, Oregon, Texas, Los Angeles, Nevada, New Jersey, San Francisco, and Michigan.

– CuraDebt ( – non profit consolidation of debt for you and/or business.

– Debt Consolidation Care ( – non profit consolidation of debt and debt education.

– Freedom Debt Management ( – non profit consolidation of debt and credit repair agency.

Keep in mind that this is just a partial list out of the hundreds of non profit consolidation of debt agencies that are out there. This list should give you a good idea of where to start your search for a good consolidation of debt counseling agency.

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