Self Publishing Your Books For Bigger Profit

By Johnathan Cunnings

Writers who possess the flair for enticing people to read their works from cover to cover are not the same as those who can write an amazing piece without the magic to connect to their readers. A lot of books qualified to be called potential masterpieces have been put to waste due to low reader reception and public acceptance, thus low market value and earnings both to the publisher and author. Citations and awards are not enough to make you a household name and give you millions of sold copies.

Generally, past Nobel Laureates were writers who were loved and utterly favored by publishing houses but did not immediately become icons to write home about. They are said to be the master of their own words, soaring from linguistic grandeur and impeccable interpretation. However, most of them are confined to their own worlds said to be brought up by sheer ingenuity incapable of the common readers’ mental digestion. They are man of words and not of affection.

Even during the late 19th century, writers who do not like competition and politics inside publishing houses turn to self publishing and be their own agents. Literary geniuses up to the modern times such as Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe and Earnest Hemingway chose to self publish instead of entering their works to restricting contracts that may put them in a disadvantageous position and as it turned out, their decisions were right. Until now, their names are considered legends in the field and they get to keep all the royalties and fame even after their death. If they made it this far and will certainly continue to transcend time, why can’t you? You deserve the best of your work so why not earn with it at the fullest?

Creativity oozes in every writer and you are not an exception. Why let publishers rob you off your rein over your book when you can give all your one hundred percent. Book contracts makes you lose most of your creative input in the packaging, from cover layout and design to how the hardcopy will appear on shelves.

More than anything else, self publishing leaves you with up to 80% of your book’s retail value, excluding all the expenses you will incur throughout the process. That is way higher than what you can get from the measly 6% to 10% that your publisher will give you for every sold copy after a royalty advance that serves as your writing fee. From that, you will also lost a certain percentage should you have a book agent which is the fad nowadays to make transactions and deals easier. Ever JK Rowling has one, but unless your title will sell more than a pancake can like her series, better stop at the gloating this soon.

Self publish your book and profit bigger than what most published authors earn with several books. If you confident enough with your talent, why let other people enjoy the fruits of your talent. Being practical is very important especially if you are targeting a slot in the “best-sellers” shelf.

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