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Small and Large Statues For Your Garden or Grounds

By Don Reynolds

Large statues are particularly impressive, and suitable for large gardens or the grounds of hotels and restaurants, particularly if they have children’s areas. Such statues are available online covering a wide range of themes, including dinosaurs (always a favorite with the kids), Horses and even a British red telephone booth.

Smaller statues are more suited to small to medium gardens, or features in larger areas such as hotel grounds with ponds and running water. They include mythical creatures, fairies, elves, animals and a wide range of fountains. If you want your hotel or restaurant to be unique and popular with families, or are looking for something to act as a focal point for your garden, then small or large statues would fit the bill perfectly.

Smaller Statues

First, let’s have a look at what is available online in the way of the smaller statues. Garden gnomes have always been popular, and you will find a wide range of these popular decorative elements available online, ranging in size from about a foot to almost 3 feet. You can even get a swinging gnome you can hang from a tree. These traditional garden ornaments add a bit of color to a garden, particularly in winter and early spring when the plants have yet to flower.

With regard to the fairies that are popular with the children, you will find sitting fairies that you can place by a brook or a pond, ranging in size from about 8 to 18 inches. These are very beautiful representations, although there also larger varieties such as the fairy riding a butterfly that is just over 18 inches high, but 22 inches wide.

Just think of the stories you could make up for your young children about why the fairy is riding the butterfly, such as trying to escape from the wicked gnomes, or hunting for her fairy sister who is lost. Who can find the lost fairy? You could have a fairy hidden somewhere, such as behind a hedge or in the shed. You can have great fun with your children making up these games for them, and kids love playing with their parents.

There are also plenty of angels and cherub statues, some in the form of fountains. A fountain is a great water feature to install either beside or in a garden pond, and some garden statues are ready piped just waiting to be fitted to an inexpensive pump. Such water features attract customers to restaurants, and many hotels have also spotted their potential in advertising. Some statues are in the form of children, such as the two playing hide-and-seek. I won’t go on about playing with your kids any more, but. . .

If you have room for larger statues, there are plenty options for large statues available online. One example of large fountain statue is in the form of two large cranes, 8 and 14 feet tall, blowing water out of their bills. However, a fabulous feature would the 94 x 30 x 30 inch red telephone booth – typically British, and made from red painted solid pine with genuine glass windows. You provide the telephone, but it otherwise works with the door able to open and close. 94 inches is 7 feet 10 inches, and more than tall enough for any of your visitors.

If you prefer something more classical, an Egyptian Sphinx is available, cast in resin at 87 inches long and 82 inches high. The Sphinx guarded the great pyramid at Giza, so should be able to guard your home. Hand inscribed with hieroglyphics, this will look impressive in any garden or hotel grounds, and it is a replica of the real thing at Giza.

However, the large statue of all large statues must be the dinosaurs. What a fabulous idea for any large restaurant or hotel, or even for a theme park! Just imagine your grounds containing dinosaurs such as the massive Brontosaurus standing 7 feet high and almost 13 feet long. This beast is difficult to hide, so don’t even try, but keep him out in the open where he can be admired. The Brontosaurus lived in open ground, eating the leaves from the higher branches of the trees that other animals couldn’t reach.

Impressive as the Brontosaurus is, the kids will want to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex – the killer dinosaur of all killers and the best known on the planet. No collection would be complete without a T Rex, and this little monster stands at 11 feet high and 22 feet long. Obviously not to the same scale as the Brontosaurus which was far more massive in real life, but the T Rex is an awesome beast. The kids will love it even though it was designed to scare the pants of them.

This collection of small and large statues is just a small selection of what you can find online for your home, restaurant or hotel, and by installing one or more of these in your grounds you are sure to have the kids queuing up to be allowed in to see or touch them. Statues always add class to a garden, and yours will be no different should you decide to go for one of these beautiful fairies or gnomes, or perhaps you prefer a massive beast to scare the patrons.

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