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3 Ways Mortgage Professionals and Loan Officers Can Turn Business Cards Into Cheap Mortgage Leads

Author: Joe Pahl

With the dizzying amount of software and internet resources available to help mortgage professionals with marketing, the lowly business card often gets forgotten. But with a little creativity, business cards can be used to generate a stream of cheap mortgage leads. So don’t let those business cards gather dust piled up on your desk (or hidden in your drawers). Put those “little billboards” to good use in order to generate new business.

3 Ways To Turn Business Cards Into Cheap Mortgage Leads:

1. Write a personal note on the back of your cards. This subtle action can truly keep your business cards alive (ie. keep them from finding the bottom of the nearest wastebasket). Each time you hand out one, be sure to handwrite a message on the back of it. The message itself doesn’t really matter. Just the fact that you went out of your way to personalize the card to that specific individual will make he or she much more likely to hold onto the card. Why? People tend to hesitate throwing away something that has writing on it. A sterile and plain cards rarely gets kept long, but the fact that you included a personal message will make the individual getting the card just slightly more guilty of throwing it away.

2. Give your clients extra business cards to hand out for you. This is much easier than it sounds like, and trust me, if you are doing a great job at taking care of your clients, they’ll be happy to give out your cards. Don’t go crazy and hand them a stack of 200 cards. Just provide them with 3-5 business cards and tell them this: “I really enjoyed helping you out with your mortgage, and I’d like to extend that help to your friends and family. If you know of anyone that has a mortgage related question, would you mind giving them on of my cards?” Your cards will get distributed and a few easy and cheap mortgage leads will result from it.

3. Get “magnetic” business cards. Too often, even if your cards are kept by potential prospects, they are hidden away out of site in their wallets and purses. Instead of the typical card, get those that have the magnetic strip on the backs. When you give the out, be sure to tell prospects if they could hang your business card on their refrigerators. Getting your card onto a refrigerator means that it will be seen daily and that it will be easily accessible in case anyone has a mortgage related question or issue.

Every loan officer and mortgage broker I know has a plethora of business cards. Be sure to maximize their effectiveness with these three tips in order to generate some cheap mortgage leads. Sometimes the most economical solutions are right in front of us.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-tips-articles/3-ways-mortgage-professionals-and-loan-officers-can-turn-business-cards-into-cheap-mortgage-leads-2463029.html

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