Many people want to get into the book publishing process business but don’t know where to start. Well, the first step is with writing a manuscript or draft and contact a literary agent. The literary agent usually gets 10-15% of the money you are going to make if your work gets accepted. That could be a lot of money but that’s a fair deal considering the odds. Only 1 out of 3,000 literary works are actually accepted by publishers without a literary agent. Drafts that are submitted to publishers without the assistance of a literary agent are called “unsolicited manuscripts”.

The book publishing process is a difficult one. You write your book, contact a literary agent, the agent then decides whether it’s good enough to submit it to a publisher. The whole process is demanding but understand that the book publishing industry only survives if the books that publishers write are sold. If your work is accepted by a publisher, the next step is to meet with the commissioning editor and you negotiate about things like royalty and commissions. After you’ve signed a contract, you’ll complete your book within six months or a year or whatever time frame is specified in the contract. Time by time your agent will give you feedback (if you choose to have one) or from the publisher house.

Understanding the book publishing process is the first step in making a name for yourself as a writer or author. Be prepared to experience rejection and take it in stide. Just keep on striving for excellence. Good luck in your journey!