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Structure of Book Report Writing!

Author: Jenny Stewart

Book report writing can be tricky as students mix the concepts of book reports and book reviews with each other. This will make them confuse afterwards. A book report can be divided into three major portions,



Write a strong paragraph that states the book’s title (underlined or italicized), genre, author’s name, and publication information. Also give a brief statement about the book’s angle or message. This section of book report writing may include characters involves in the story and the theme of the story.

The book report introduction has to be strong and informative. It has to give the basic book information and has to state the book’s message. It may include your personnel opinion on it and tell the readers what you are going to analyze. It’s important to realize that when giving information on the book and author, avoid spilling facts like his biography and previously written works.

The Body

Writing a book report is no doubt a tricky work. The body part is the main and biggest part of your book report writing. You have to put all the analysis and opinions in this area. While writing this part of book report, consider the questions like

Is this book worth to read?

How was the writing style and flow of events?

Is it a fictional book or non-fictional

These points will give you enough data to write two to three paragraphs regarding the book. When ending the body of book report answer the following points.

How was the ending of the book?

if it’s a non fiction book, how much writer was successful in conveying his idea?

What are some of the notable or interesting facts you get from the book?

What is your personnel opinion regarding the book?

The Conclusion

The conclusion is the ending part of your book report writing project. In this area conclude your report with a paragraph or two that covers additional points but don’t give anything new. Every time you write a book report, in the ending lines offer a one sentence summary with your overall opinion about the book.


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Jenny Stewart is a PhD in Human Relation. She is an educational consultant and utilizing her skills in helping the students to accomplish there education successfully. She is changing the student’s difficulties into ease since many years by helping them with her skills and knowledge to get there projects done efficiently.

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