Book publishing grants are available to those who are qualified and to those who are determined enough to become qualified. You could be the epitome of the starving writer who just isn’t getting enough breaks but who has a killer manuscript that’s waiting for its primetime. Most of these grants are bestowed by foundations rather than private individuals and they do so for various reasons. Grants are not just about helping writers get their work out in the open, but about furthering the goal of literature of a particular type, the arts, the sciences, a particular social phenomenon and others.

For instance, one particular foundation that provides book publishing grants that cater specifically to comic book writers is called the Xeric Foundation, which was founded by the creator of the 1990s comic and cartoon series the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It gave grant money to writers who wished to self-publish their own comic book publications. It was meant to further comic books as a genuine form of contemporary literature and to encourage more comic book writers and artists alike. It has awarded several writers ever since its inception in 1992.

Of course, your best chance for finding these grants would be the Internet. Most of these book writing grants are academic in nature and are mostly focused on academic literature. If you’ve been writing in such a setting and have made a name for yourself around these circles then you’ll most likely have better chances than a writer who’s mainly writing fiction novels. A prominent publishing grant in this regard is the Mellon Collaborative Publishing Grant which contributes to various university presses. Another well known organization that routinely provides grants is a book publisher itself. Scholastic, annually provides grants in various forms but with the amount of requests that it receives annually, it is having difficulty meeting all of them. Children’s books are a popular niche that attracts grants specially if it is non-fiction. Know that each foundation or organization has its own set of criteria and requirements for those who wish to avail of the grants that they provide. Be sure to meet these criteria so as to better your chances for success for finally getting those book publishing grants.