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Dec 3, 2009 CAZENOVIA, N.Y – In recent years, new and innovative publishing industry business models have granted numerous opportunities for writers previously shut out by the iron doors of mainstream book publishers. Now, an online community of artists, advocates and enthusiasts is employing some of these same strategies, including print-on-demand, to help visual artists get more exposure in the publishing world. Founded by Bradford Wheler, author and former CEO of Allan Electric Company, is designed to showcase the talent of new and emerging artists in independently published works, and is poised to become a powerful alliance in the literary and artistic communities at large. 

Newly launched harnesses the power and functionality of the Internet, outsourcing, social networking and print-on-demand to give visual artists more opportunities to market their talents via exposure in print publications. When artists join the community, they create an online profile, including digital images of their original artwork, and information about themselves, their discipline and their technique. By participating, the artists grant nonexclusive rights to use digital images of their artwork in books and related products published and distributed by the website. 

“It can be extremely difficult for a new writer to get his or her foot in the door in the publishing industry, but it’s an even more arduous undertaking for visual artists,” said Bradford Wheler, founder of and author of  “SNAPPY SAYINGS: Wit & Wisdom from the World’s Greatest Minds”. “Our goal is to help artists capitalize on the marketing potential that the publishing world offers by featuring them in our new book releases. We also envision that the site will help to support and promote original art and art appreciation by luring the interest of art lovers of all ages.” is open to individual artists and affinity groups, including school groups and community art associations. There is no fee to join the community, and artists are not charged to be featured in the site’s publications. In addition to opportunities for increased exposure among potential buyers and industry professionals, the site also offers artists a place to share their talent with other artists, get valuable feedback and network.

In May, welcomed its debut release, “Snappy Sayings: Wit & Wisdom from the World’s Greatest Minds” by Bradford. Wheler. The book is a collection of quotes from historic and contemporary figures, and features hundreds of photos and illustrations. The book will be available at, and in bookstores throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The book retails for .95. 

“Collaboration is key in the promotion and development of art in any form,” said Wheler. “We’re excited to create opportunities for artists that will hopefully be stepping stones to even greater career achievements.”

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Bradford G. Wheler, whose works include SNAPPY SAYINGS : wit & wisdom from the world’s greatest minds, founded Snappy Sayings, available for purchase at and fine bookstores, is a carefully woven collection of the wit and wisdom of some of history’s greatest minds. The book includes a foreword by Jay Walker, the founder of Additional information is available at

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