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Craft Book Publisher – Be Your Own and Rake in the Cash!

Author: Bob Beacham

The era of the traditional craft book publisher may not be dead, but you no longer need to go cap in hand to those people, hoping the numbers stack up. Today, any crafts person who wants to can publish their own craft book. And the news gets better. Not only are the costs remarkably low but the profit margins are massive. Instead of the 10 per cent that an old-fashioned publisher would pay their craft author you can, with digital publishing, be looking at 80% plus. That’s clear profit, in your bank account.

What’s more, the old stumbling blocks of advertising, marketing and fulfillment have also been torn away. Crafts people all over the globe are not only writing books but handling the entire publishing process themselves. The market is now open to all. The knowledge you have can soon become your own craft book, available worldwide, day or night.

Whether your drive is from a search for personal satisfaction, a deep desire to share your knowledge, or a the wish to build a substantial and sustainable income, becoming a craft book publisher is now an achievable goal, not a pipe dream.

Not so very long ago your course would have been to approach publishers or their agents with your ideas or, more likely, a virtually complete book. You would have spent a great deal of time and energy only to find that number-crunchers not crafts people decide whether it would make it to market. It was frequently the print, production, marketing and distribution costs that were the barrier, nothing to do with the actual quality of your book!

Fortunately those days are gone. If you can write a craft book you can now publish it yourself. Even if you’ve never written a thing in your life, you can do it. Writing clearly and concisely is something that’s easy to learn and is, in reality, little more than writing down what you’d say. If you can explain what you do to someone, you can write a craft book.

As for layout, design, what kind of thing you should put in and how much, all these things are quite simple to find out about. It’s all part of the opening up of traditionally difficult markets to break into. If you’ve got the desire, the information is readily available.

We’re not talking about thousands of dollars of up-front investment either. We’re not even talking about hundreds. The vast majority of what you need can be had for free – even including the software!

Just about the only ongoing costs are a few dollars a month for website hosting – and that works out at less than the cost of a pizza. You don’t need to worry about whether you know anything about putting a website together either. Again the information is readily available and a piece of cake to set up.

If you’ve thought about writing a craft book there’s never been a better time (or frankly, a more profitable time) to do so. Once written you don’t need to go hawking it around all over the place, take your future in your own hands and become your own craft book publisher!

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