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How You Could Format E-Book in Word And Pdf

Author: Gracy Brett

An e-book could be written easily! Many believe that it is a difficult task but on the contrary, anyone could write it. Mainly people write it for promotional purposes, for instance to spread information regarding website, products or services. For any author, who is unable to get his work published the traditional way, e-book serves the purpose. Usually an online publisher is the one to handle formatting troubles but when you do not have one then what could be done? Fortunately, preparing a manuscript for its distribution is a simple process. Many make use of Microsoft Word and then use converting tool like word to PDF converter to convert it into pdf format. A major fraction of e-books are put on sale in Acrobat's file format but the designing at first requires to be done in Word.

There is no dire need to make use of Adobe Acrobat for conversion but also if you own one then it would let you make addition into new features of your e-book like URLs, pages, etc. that are imported from various other tools. The quality perks up with this. It is important to pay attention to the design and structure especially if you do not wish it should give a cheap impression or look unprofessional. The paper formatting feature in Word makes the work easy. In general the page size ranges somewhere between 5×7 and 6×9 or if you wish to use a different size then the page set-up menu in word is the feature to be used in order to customize it. In case a header or footer is to be included you could set the top and bottom margins by keeping them a bit large than the standard size. Mirror Margins option in that case could be turned off.

For a lot of individuals a header at the top serves as the book's title and page number. There are many combinations in which you could set it. It would be wise to use a small font that is in italics or bold or something unique. The Border command could be used to create a line in between text and the header which in turn would lend it an even and organized look.

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