Getting Bantam Books to publish one of your stories you have written sounds intimidating to the first-time author. In reality however, Bantam Books is the same as any other company that make books their life; they want quality and an old tale spun in a new way.
When submitting your story to editor(s), check before submitting your work to see if they are accepting manuscripts at the time. And, because they are owned by one of the largest publishing companies, the demand for their attention to up-and-coming (and tried and true) authors is tremendous, so they recommend that you work with a literary agent, preferably one that is well known.

When submitting a manuscript to Bantam Books for publishing, review their guidelines for submitting your work. Always ask if they are accepting manuscripts, and if so, spend the extra time and work on it, making it presentable; add a cover letter, tell them why they should read and publish it and, for a quicker response, add a self-address, stamped envelope. You want to make a sale, and it is up to you to sell it to them. Consider yourself a traveling salesman (or woman) if you will. Show them in a precise way how your story will be an asset to them. This is a business for them, too. It is a constant gamble to them as to whom and what is selected to be published. And instead of a small poker game with friends, they lose more than your salary in a year. Their requirements for good work are high, but that is only because they are one of the best in North America.
When submitting your work, research where you want your work to go and how you want to submit it. Do they accept manuscripts through snail-mail, or will they accept them through an email? Are they looking for anything in particular right now, such as fantasy, non-fiction, or children’s books? Learning how to submit your work properly and what they are particularly interested in will get your work a better chance, as well as give you the experience for future submissions.

Bantam Books, owned by the Random House Publishing Group, publishes a diverse selection of books. From the original “Choose Your Own Adventure” books for children to the top authors of John Grisham, Mark Twain and Anne McCaffrey to the Dean Koontz and Danielle Steele of today. They were also elected to print the “Guinness World Records”, which was known until 2000 as the “Guinness Book of Records”.

Bantam Books was founded by Walter B. Pitkin, Jr., Sidney B. Kramer and Ian and Betty Ballantine in 1945. It has changed hands throughout the years, including Natational General and Carl Lindner’s American Financial.
It was purchased by Random House, a sub-division of the German media corporation Bertelsmann.

It wasn’t until Bantam Books Publishing, a “re-print house”, that paperbacks became popular. They were sold in locations such as grocery stores and train stations, and featured classic novels by such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck which sold for twenty-five cents.