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‘the Happy Hooker’ Caught in Ménage à Trios With Australian Audio Book Publishers

Author: umesh

‘The Happy Hooker’ caught in ménage à trios with Australian Audio Book Publishers

In the 1970’s an infamous New York Brothel Madam called Xaviera Hollander wrote and published the infamous best selling memoir ‘The Happy Hooker’.  It sold over 20 million copies, led a sexual revolution and gave women permission to own their sexual desires and fantasies. 

SpeakOnlyToMe.com, a new online site specializing in erotic audio books for download direct to ipod or computer to burn to a CD, have just launched the first downloadable version of this classic story, narrated by Xaviera herself.  Its bold irreverence and no-holes-barred detail of Xaviera’s life as a prostitute is as refreshing as it is irreverent.

Caroline Connor, director of Ace Global Enterprises, Melbourne based Audio Book Publishers said, ‘It’s amazing how many people I know have loved this book.  It was the first erotic book I read as a teenager and with each generation longing to make sense of their own sexual feelings, it’s still being picked up today, sometimes from grandma’s bookshelf. We just had to have it in the SpeakOnlyToMe.com catalogue’.

Abbe Holmes, editor and producer at SpeakOnlyToMe says, ‘It wasn’t an easy project to undertake. We’re in Melbourne, Australia and Xaviera moves between Amsterdam and Spain but together we found a studio in Amsterdam and managed to work across the miles.  She was wonderful to work with.  She was one of our era’s most significant sexual icons and she’s still a gorgeous, articulate intelligent woman and the stories are just as hot now as they were then.’

‘The Happy Hooker: Her Own Story’ is available for download through http://www.speakonlytome.com 

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/e-learning-articles/the-happy-hooker-caught-in-mnage-trios-with-australian-audio-book-publishers-684271.html

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