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American Wedding: A Wonderful Family Affair

By Kerry Ng

The American wedding has become truly a family affair right from the start. Once “the decision” between the bride and the groom is made, they rush off to tell all their friends and families the great news! It’s only natural that they’re excited about the prospects and want to share their great joy with those members that are closest to them. The wedding tradition would suggest a party to announce the engagement to all family and friends. Traditionally speaking, the engagement party is the responsibility of the parents of the bride, which also means that they will be paying for the expenses and planning as well. The engagement party is a fun atmosphere and provides an opportunity for both sides of the families to meet for the very first time in many cases.

When it comes to the planning aspects of the wedding that is usually handled by the bride and her mother with a little bit of input from the groom and his family. It only makes sense that the parents of the bride make most of the major decisions because they are paying for most of the expenses. The American wedding will usually take place in a very special setting, such as a religious center were the view is very beautiful. Most of these places offer not only beauty but also built in facilities right from the start. Chances are, the church will have an organ or piano for the basic music requirements. These institutions are perfect for people who want that special ceremony.

An American Wedding Is Both a Ceremony and a Party

The American wedding will usually start with a ceremony love and commitment. This is a very romantic part of the wedding with all of the friends and families there to witness this happy union. Over the course of the ceremony, the bride and groom will say their vows to each other to show their love and commitment to each other. This setting is usually spectacular and all the people are dressed in beautiful clothes. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom become legally bound by this commitment. Yes the American wedding is very romantic, but there is also a legal procedure that now binds that couple together until death or divorce do they part.

Now comes the party! After the ceremony, the bride and groom will meet with their friends and family at the reception. This part of the reception has been planned for months, perhaps even the year or more in advance. The reception is a time to eat, drink and socialize with old friends as well as an opportunity to make new friends. The party will mainly focused on the wedding couple and guests will have the opportunity to offer their good wishes, prayers and wedding gifts. The American wedding is truly a special occasion with lots of joy and happiness for all those involved. The memories created will truly last for all lifetime for both sides of the family.

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