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Reddish Letting Agents And Retail Heaven: A User's Guide to Manchester

Author: John Finan

Many of today's youngsters can't even begin to imagine the Manchester of 20 years ago. They simply know it as the fast paced, fresh faced young and modern city it is today. If you are yet to visit, let's take a quick look at why Manchester has such a broad appeal.

The first weekend of October witnesses Manchester's Weekender event, a 48 hour culture fest celebrating the best of British art, literature, music, theatre and dance in vibrant, exuberant surroundings. The festival features events for all ages providing plenty of fun for all the family.

Manchester is home to many fine restaurants, bars and cafés but Abode is surely one of the best. Chic surroundings, superb cuisine and wallet-friendly special offers: what more could you want?

The Northern Quarter is where you'll find the best bohemian boutiques, the city's hippy home and some of the most off-beat bars and cafés. If you simply want to take time to chill out this is by far the coolest place in which to relax and unwind.

You needn't feel trapped in the city either. A short bus or train ride will take you right to the heart of the Pennines where outdoorsy types can revel in all manner of hiking and rambling opportunities. Be sure to take your waterproofs as this is one of the rainiest sections of the country.

With a vast range of job opportunities and convenient accommodation solutions on offer, it comes as no surprise that many visitors to the city are inspired to make it their home after just a short stay. If this applies to you, you have two main choices: to live amid the hustle and bustle of the city centre or to commute from a suburban area.

If you want the best of city and country lifestyles, you could choose a conveniently located suburb such as Reddish. Well connected to both the city centre and the most beautiful rural areas of the Pennines, Reddish is a popular choice for many Manchester professionals. Philip James, Reddish letting agents, can provide plenty of information on accommodation possibilities in the town.

Whether you want to stay for a weekend or a year, Manchester is certainly one of Britain's most vibrant destinations for 2010.

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Keen real-estate and finance expert John Finan wrote this guide. He would recommend using a well established estate agent such as Philip James when searching for Reddish letting agents.

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