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How to Research Literary Yiwu Agent

Author: Herry Liu

Writers must decide whether to market their work directly to publishers or attempt to find an agent. It is usually wise to market your work to yiwu agent first, because they have access to publishing companies who only accept agented submissions. Before sending that query letter, however, it is important that you do your homework.

Research yiwu agent who represent your genre. Two good resource books are Jeff Herman's Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary yiwu agent and Writer's Market. The website,, has over thirty pages of yiwu agent for fiction and non-fiction with their profiles.

Check the credibility of an agent you select. Other helpful sites are Writer Beware, Representatives,yiwu agent should always be checked out regardless of the reliability of your source. I found an agent's name and address in one of the leading writing magazines and sent my marketing package. When I received a letter requesting my entire manuscript, I decided to check Preditors and Editors and found a warning beside the agency's name (not recommended). Below the agency's web site, under caveat scrivener, there were chats between writers in regard to problems with the agency. Needless to say, I didn't send my manuscript.

Understand that an agent's rejection percentage of submissions is 90%. The reason is simple logic. They must feel confident that they will be able to successfully market your work to publishers. They cannot make their 15% if they are unable to sell your manuscript. The other statistic that impacts their decision is the quantity of submissions. One agent stated that he often receives over fifty letters a day but could only add fifteen new clients every year. I quote these odds not to discourage you from attempting to find an agent but to help you gain perspective and not take rejection letters (particularly the form letter type) personally.

As soon as a newly licensed agent becomes associated with a real estate brokerage and joins the Multiple Listing Service, she has hundreds of listings she can sell. She can make appointments through the listing yiwu agent to show their houses. This is a great backup while she is working on listing her own properties.

One of the first things a new agent should work on is putting together a great listing presentation to show to people who are thinking of selling property. The listing presentation shows what the agent will do to make sure the property is sold within a reasonable amount of time. That time frame depends on market conditions. The agent wants to convince the seller that she is an expert in her field, and if she's new, she can use the expertise of the company she is associated with. The listing presentation should be used on anyone who calls and wants to sell his property and on “For Sale by Owner” sellers.

To sell property, the agent must establish an inventory. If an agent uses only the MLS, buyers will question her ability as an agent because she doesn't have her own inventory.

Every real estate agent relies heavily on advertising the properties they have listed to get them sold. However, the most successful real estate yiwu agent market themselves more than they market the properties. If an agent gets the public to recognize his name or picture, people will already believe he is successful, and they will come to him. A good agent will constantly be learning about his market and new real estate laws and guidelines, fast becoming an expert in the field.

This is a highly competitive field, and yiwu agent must distinguish themselves among other yiwu agent. To do this, yiwu agent should market themselves with business cards and postcards with their pictures on them. Another tool many successful real estate yiwu agent use is establishing a quote or saying that people will remember them by. Marketing listings in real estate magazines, newspapers and postcards is an important function to get properties sold. Many yiwu agent will join organizations and put the organization's name on their signs.

Special listings require special marketing, such as a custom sign or full-page ad. Yiwu agent do this to get the property sold, but they really want others who can't buy that property to remember their names. Selling property means yiwu agent need the buyers to come to them, even if the don't personally have the property they want listed.

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