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5 Key Advantages To Starting A Self Publishing Business

Author: Sanyika Calloway-boyce

I’m sure you can come up with all sorts of reasons for not starting your own business, the first, of many, being lack of money and uncertainty of its success. But no matter what the reasons are against starting a business, there are just as many reasons for starting one.

Actually, for the right person, the advantages of business ownership far outweigh the disadvantages. And deciding to write a book means, inevitably that you’ve decided to be in business.

If the very thought of it leaves you feeling a bit uneasy, the good news is that there are many differences (and advantages) in committing to the self publishing process as a business and starting a traditional small business.

Here are just a few of the reasons why starting your own self publishing company makes sense (even if you only have plans to write one book).

1. You’ll be your own boss. Having the flexibility and power to make the best and most profitable business choices for yourself is a great benefit of owning and operating your own business.

Couple those benefits with the ability to make your own production schedule, set your own publication date and the ease of print-on-demand publishing and you’ve got the perfect formula for self publishing success.

2. You can become a published author in 90 days or less. Believe it or not, it would take approximately 570 days to get your message out through a traditional publisher.

Self publishing allows you the opportunity to bring your message to the masses much faster than any other form of publishing and the faster you can bring it to market means the quicker you’ll make a profit.

3. Your earning and growth potential are far greater. At 6% to 10% royalties, very few published authors make any real money. But as a self published author you will keep 100% of the profits.

4. Writing a book is exciting. You can make a long time dream a reality and that will just inspire you to write and publish more.

Besides when you begin to get recognized as the expert, readers and the media look to you to offer insight and opinions to support them in achieving their life’s goals and that is very encouraging and exciting.

5. Publishing a book provides endless opportunities and exposure. Gaining media exposure and credibility because you “wrote the book” on a particular subject will allow you to showcase yourself, your business and your book to a larger audience than wouldn’t have been possible without it.

If you are a speaker, coach, consultant or entrepreneur looking to get more clients and add more cash flow to your bottom line, you need to seriously consider becoming an author.

And if you’re an author, you can expand your reach by becoming a speaker, coach or consultant.

Whether you’re running a traditional small business or you’re a self published author; being a business owner is a lot of work, there are often long hours and times of uncertainty.

But the rewards are great and having the flexibility and courage to call your own shot is exhilarating and potentially profitable too.

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About the Author
Sanyika Calloway Boyce has been named the National Tour Director & Contributing Author for “Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul.” Available in bookstores August 15, 2006. Visit African American Soul for more details!