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Viral E-Book Marketing – 5 Tips to increase your Results!

Author: Benjamin Hübner

Using Free reports to create a viral effect is not really new, but it can be very effective if it´s done right.

Be sure to follow these simple tips to maximiz your marketing results!

1. The Titel : The Titel of your ebook must grab the attention of your targeted audience. A good way is to ask a question or a “Call to Action”.

2. Content : This is by far the most important point when it comes to create a viral effect. Create useful and unique content! “Content is King” is a wise word!

3. Quiz : You can include a Quiz in your Ebook and post the right answer on your website! Don´t forget to include a link to the answer in your free report!

4. Humor : Humor is another effective way to create a viral effect.

5. Brandable : Create a brandable ebook and give your readers an incentive to spread your ebook. You can set up your own affiliate program if you are selling your own products or you can include other affiliate links and make them rebrand able. (that means your readers can insert their own affiliate links into the ebook to earn a commission by giving away your ebook).

It´s not easy to create a viral effect with viral ebooks or free reports!

Let your readers know that they are allowed to give the ebook away for free to their friend, their list or on their website.

To increase this effect you can give away a readymade Squeezepage to your readers, to make it as easy as possible for them to giveaway your report to build their list!

It´s very important to promote your free e-book, give it away for free on your website, post it to the most popular free ebook directories, blog about it, give it away to your list, post a download link at related massage boards and so on…

Warning : The most Ebooks fail when it comes to create a viral effect – appling these tricks will increase the chances to create a viral marketing effect!

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