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Why Pay Exorbitant Fees for Domain Names? Unique Listing Service Provides Keyword Rich Domains for Free!

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Why Pay Exorbitant Fees For Domain Names? Unique Listing Service Provides Keyword Rich Domains For Free!




September 2008- Scouring the internet for quality, keyword rich domain names for your new website, product or blog? Your search is over! Introducing a unique service that offers lists of quality expired domain names that will help your site stand out and be remembered without costing you an arm and a leg.


The expired domain service provided at the DNXpert  is unique in its simplicity and usefulness – it filters out nonsensical domain names allowing only quality, keyword-rich expired domain names onto its multiple lists.

At the DNXpert webmasters, domainers and entrepreneurs alike have both free and premium lists of domain names available for immediate registration at their fingertips. Additionally, the DNXpert forum acts as a communication medium for the domaining community allowing like-minded individuals to discuss domaining and general webmaster topics while having the ability to post their domains for sale in the forum’s domain marketplace.


“Automated services for expired domain name searches and purchases are outdated, slow and overrun with rubbish, nonsensical domain names. At the DNXpert forum, we place emphasis on quality over quantity providing our members with the opportunity to register exceptional expired domain names for their websites quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost. Why pay exorbitant fees for domain names when you can register your own at your favourite registrar?” states founder/president of DNXpert.com, John Motson.


Motson, having started domaining in the year 2000, recently published an 80 page book about domain name management and the domaining industry called the 


In 2007, he launched his domain news blog –  DNXpert.com has since become one of the premier domain news blogs on the world-wide web. While providing daily news updates on the blog, Motson found the time to post regular free lists of expired domain names for his loyal readers. Work with his expired domain listing service has culminated in the launch of the unique expired domain service he offers today.


For more information about the expired domain services offered at DNXpert.com please visit http://www.dnxpert.com/forum.


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John Motson



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