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Self Published Author Gives a Spiritual Guide on India’s Cultural Activity

Author: Michael McCain

When tourists travel on foreign lands, they arm themselves with maps of the city and hope to help the economy with their retail therapy. It is quite different with David Carducci’s case because bringing home souvenirs was not the first thing that came to his mind when he travelled to India.

David Carducci self-published his book and fashioned it after the journal entries he made of his experiences for twenty-one days with the beautiful continent. His fascination with the ancient teachings of the Indian spiritual masters and his friendship with a wise Indian sage Surendra Vishwas enlightened his whole grasp of the Indian culture. Revelations of his social commentaries are patented in 21 Days in India and episodes of his adventures explain supernatural, paranormal and the unknown events that can only transpire in the continent.

“Of course, I did not know it at the time, because God and the Truth (one and the same as Gandhi would say), works in mysterious ways,” claimed self-published author of his new findings. Despite the cultural war now between India and Pakistan, David Carducci documented in his Xlibris published book that India is capable of sharing spiritual enlightenment and cosmic energy that can perhaps alleviate all the bad activity the countries are constantly balling at each other.

Surendra Vishwas said, “You should simply spend 24 minutes of each 24 hour day in quiet meditation. You cannot achieve it by anything I say to you or anything that you read. Speeches and books are just words. It takes practice to achieve the goal.” David Carducci spent 21 Days in India to accomplish such goal.

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