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Top 10 Property Hotspots In The Uk 2010

Throughout the last two years in 2008 and 2009, there has been a decline in property prices, exacerbated by a difficult economic climate in the UK, the rest of Europe and the USA. Confidence has fallen over the last 18 months or so. However, property prices in 2009 increased by about 6%. For prices during 2010 opinion is split as to whether the property market will remain buoyant or decline.

Property in the South East of England

Some areas of the UK are expected to do better than others in terms of property prices. The London property market and also in the South East is typically strong in terms of maintaining property price growth, and it’s predicted during 2010 that this will remain the same. London property is always in high demand and the realtive shortage of homes available at market has pushed prices up from 2008.

Cricklewood and Brent Cross Property

Other areas in London are also well worth considering for property investors. In North West London, property in Cricklewood, as an example, is worth exploring as is property in Brent Cross, because of plans to regenerate the areas. Tower Hamlets property is also worth looking at, as it is in line for regeneration after the 2012 Olympics, with the opportunity of thousands of new homes and a new school.

Home Counties Property

Property in the Home Counties has remained resilient and prices here increasing slightly in the last year, largely because of the high demand and low availability of good properties on the market, particularly Home Counties property at the luxury end. During 2010, property prices should remain stable as investors and buyers look around for properties within easy commutable reach of London.

Property in Birkenhead

Moving North, property in Birkenhead in The Wirral is also worth considering for investment, as there is a major regeneration programme being implemented at a cost of billions of pounds, with new homes, entertainment and leisure venues and a new hotel being built in the area.

Property in Yorkshire

Property in Yorkshire is also worth considering for investment and property capital growth, particularly in and around Yorkshire market town hotspots such as Skipton, Ripon and Wetherby. Typically in market towns, there is great demand for property because of the picturesque nature of the surrounding areas, and the distance to Leeds is also seen as advantageous with commuters. For these reasons, property here is very desirable, combined with low availability, maintaining a higher property price level in these areas.

Telford Property

Property in Telford is worth considering as Telford is undergoing a large investment and redevelopment programme, with new homes being built that will improve the area. A large international conference facility centre, similar to the ICC at Birmingham, will also create jobs and help the Telford economy. For investors, Telford property is good option, as there will also be demand for accommodation that can be rented on short-term lets, particularly with business renters and organisations requiring properties for their employees.

East Glasgow Property

In Scotland, property prices have seen a decline, particularly in East Glasgow; property here has been negatively affected by there being too many homes available as well as the recession. However, there is some hope on the horizon with a £200 million investment planned for the area to start this year and the generation of a brand new residential area in what used to be wasteland.

Property in Bournemouth

Another area to consider for investors looking for buy to let properties is Bournemouth. Property here keeps not only a high rental yield, but also one of the highest in the UK. This is particualrly so at the lower end of the market, so this may be a profitable investment over the long term.

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