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The Best Golf Courses In The World: A Top 10 Of Golf Courses Guaranteed To Challenge!

By Morgan Clarke

We all have tick-lists…Restaurants we have to eat at, hotels we have to stay in, things we have to do. For golfers, it’s the tick-list of “Courses I have to play before I die (and preferably whilst I can still get round a golf course under 100)”.

I’ve been lucky enough to play golf on five of the six continents (Australasia here I come!) and have always travelled with my clubs since the age of nine. Over the years I have seen amazing variety in golf course design – I calculate that I’ve played circa 1,500 golf clubs and I don’t want to know how many balls I’ve lost! It was inevitable that I’ve played golf courses that would be better used as cow fields and others that I could play for the rest of my life. Some of the golf courses