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Why a People Search by SSN Records Could Prevent Identity Theft

Author: Olivia Larson

With the growing number of identity theft cases making the news, it is even more important than ever to know how to do a people search by SSN records.  Finding out if they have been compromised is easier than before, because all this information is now accessible online.

Your SSN may be the most important piece of personal information you have.  Yet, it seems that everyone and their brother wants you to hand it over without question.

Prevent Identity Theft with a Search by SSN
For an identity thief, your SSN is the jackpot.  They can use that number to look up everything about you in a matter of minutes.  The easiest way to keep an eye upon your Social Security account is to check your Statement of Benefits that shows up each year shortly before your birthday.

This statement is sent annually to all people over the age of 25.  If you are concerned that someone has accessed your number, you can call the SSA at their 800 number and request a copy at any time during the year.

If your identity has been stolen, you will have to prove this to the SSA.  Then you will be able to get a new number issued.  This isn’t a simple process, and you will no longer be able to use your old number; however, it is a good way to reestablish your credit and credibility if you were the victim of identity theft.

SSN Records Contain Retirement Benefit Information
The goal of the SSA was to provide for people when they retired.  To this day, people who pay into the system are able to draw money after they stop working.  While the sum is not usually enough to keep you in caviar and champagne, it can make a difference.

The current full retirement age, as set by the SSA is currently 67, but it is likely to continue going up.  You can begin to collect benefits as early as age 62 but you will receive less and if you wait until 70, you will receive more.  It all follows a formula created by the SSA in relation to increased life spans and such.

Track Genealogy with SSN Records
From the perspective of tracing your ancestry, having a definite social security number is very useful.  You can apply to the SSA for a copy of your relative’s initial Social Security application by sending a letter with the number, your ID, and an explanation of the request directly to the Administration.

They are happy to help, but these requests are fairly common and not very important considering all the other work they do.  Expect to wait a while.

The easiest way to find information about someone using their social security number is to use one of the many online search services.  With an accurate SSN, you can have just about every bit of information you want, from birth certificate, to criminal record and on down to death certificate.

Save yourself time and effort.  With a little detective work, you could catch an identity thief and save your credit score.  Employers and individuals alike make use of a people search by SSN to get data quickly and efficiently.

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