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Soul Food Cookbook Trends Going High Tech

Author: Roy Primm

The soul food cookbook of today is going high tech fast. More and more continue to go from paper and ink to electronic.  With the rising cost of manufacturing books the traditional way, due the high cost of labor, paper, ink and shipping, more soul food recipe publishers are moving toward publishing their content electronically.  Known in the industry as  ebooks,  many predict they will change the publishing industry.

Many have said they’re already changing the industry by allowing more authors to self-publish their own books and bypass traditional publishing channels.  “Now recipe authors can get their creations in front of their target market quicker and with less red tape and drama. Plus, they can do it for less money than if they had to go through the normal publishing grindstone, “claims one recipe book self-publisher from Miami, Florida.

Soul food cookbook authors and other southern food recipe authors can enjoy trying their hand at the publishing world without experiencing the mountain of potential rejection slips from traditional publishers.  With budget tightening, many of the big publishers have limited resources to help new and upcoming recipe authors anyway. So, this new trend is a help to even big name publishers as well as the smaller ones. This ebook publishing trend can save traditional publishers the time of having to review mountains  of books from potential authors and agents.

But most of all this new soul food cookbook trend will benefit the end user by giving them a wider selection of books to choose from. In addition they’ll have the convenience of getting them instantly downloaded to their computer instead of paying shipping cost or having to drive to a bookstore and purchase before enjoying it.  This new ebook trend appears to be a win-win situation for everyone. I’ll continue to keep you informed of this new and changing publishing trend. Stay tuned!

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