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Real Estate Scam Targets Real Estate Agents & Home Sellers!

By Mike Payne

Beware scammers using Trulia to target real estate agents and home sellers in scam.

Last week, I become just another real estate agent caught in this scam. Fortunately, I saw the scam and alerted the closing agent and listing agent before any more time and money was lost.

Unfortunately, several real estate agents throughout the United States were not as lucky. Within the last few days of publishing a SCAM ALERT, I have heard from real estate agents who weren’t as lucky.

Worse, closing agents and house sellers have lost money to this scam.

This scam NEVER should cause loss of money, though it has.

This scam NEVER should cause real estate agents or closing agents (including real estate attorneys) to lose time or money, though it has.

At this time last week, I thought I was working with a previous customer named Seiichiro Matsubayashi whom I had helped purchase a home a few years ago.

That’s whom I *thought* had contacted me. His name was too close to this scammer’s alias…too close I didn’t confirm last name until some damage had occurred.

This was my big mistake.

I did not immediately confirm past customer