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How Self-publishing Your Own Book Will Build Your Business in a Lagging Economy

Author: Robert Skrob

The field of information marketing has opened doors to limitless opportunities for lucrative online, home-based businesses even as the global economy takes a nosedive. Now, more than ever mindful entrepreneurs are finding ways to package their expertise of information into convenient forms such as DVDs, books, e-books, CDs, magazines, Web sites, teleseminars, webinars, coaching programs, seminars and conferences.

Best of all getting started in self-publishing and information marketing couldn’t be any easier. Here’s why.

1. The information marketing business does not require fancy offices, furniture or multiple computers.
2. It doesn’t require special licenses (in most cases).
3. And, it doesn’t require special education or degrees.
4. Success comes for beginners and seasoned experts alike from all age groups, and with minimal start-up costs.

Just ask Jordan McAuley, author of Contact Any Celebrity, and one of the 12 info-marketing experts recently selected by the Information Marketing Association (IMA) as contributors to a new book that helps newcomers in the industry successfully negotiate the nuts and bolts for starting an info-business. Start Your Own Information Marketing Business is an easy-to-follow manual that gives the steps to building a successful info-business from the ground up. In this new information marketing how-to guide, Jordan shares the secrets to his success, which he says started with a self-published book.

Why Information Marketer Jordan McAuley Loves Self-Publishing

1. The credibility that is attached to authorship is astounding. Jordan’s book established him as an expert in his field, which in turn, made him a reputable source for journalists. He has since received generous exposure through national media outlets like USA Today, CNN and Entrepreneur Magazine.

2. Getting published is easy. Gone are the days when authors have to jump through hoops to publish books with major publishing houses. Today, authoring books that are accessible to consumers via major booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble is easier than ever. No wonder successful info-marketers routinely go from zero to ,000 to 0,000 a month (and more) in just a matter of a few months.

3. It gave Jordan the stepping stone that he needed to create a 7-figure home based business.

How Jordan Built a7-Figure Income Business Starting with His Self-Published Book, “Contact Any Celebrity”

Jordan self-published his book and sold it for .00. Jordan’s book provides contact information for celebrities. It’s useful for authors who want positive quotes from celebrities to put on their book covers, fans seeking autographs and charities seeking celebrity endorsements.

But he didn’t stop there. The truth is self-publishing a book opens the door to hundreds of other business opportunities. Jordan created a membership Web site with data that wouldn’t fit into the finished book. Jordan includes publicist information, additional phone numbers and charities the celebrity already supports. He charges a monthly membership fee and promotes this option throughout his book.

The key is to diversify your info-marketing business by creating additional products associated with your info-product. For Jordan, the revenue from his membership site is many times higher than anything he has received from his book alone.

Instead of selling his book and getting paid once, Jordan receives recurring revenue from individuals who want constant access to more extensive and constantly updated information. Like Jordan, many info-marketers are learning how to turn their self-published books and other info-products into money-generating tools that drive million-dollar home businesses.

To get started in self publishing, get the Information Marketing Association’s new book, “Start Your Own Information Marketing Business” where Jordan reveals step-by-step information as well as publishing and writing resources. This book is now available in bookstores.

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Robert Skrob, President of the Information Marketing Association teaches entrepreneurs how to build 6 and 7 figure income information marketing businesses simply by creating products once and getting paid many times over. Now you can get his FREE Video revealing how 5 info-marketers easily created fast-selling products & how you can too. Get free access now at http://www.infomarketingstartup.com