If you’re not a professional artist, don’t try to illustrate your book yourself. If you don’t have particular illustration services in mind for your book, you don’t need to find one before submitting your manuscript. Publishers often have illustration services they like to work with, and a filing cabinet full of the portfolios of many more that they can contact to illustrate your book if it’s accepted.

illustration services

Now, if you’re an illustrator without a story to tell, you can submit color photocopies of two or three of your best works to the art directors of houses that might use artwork in your style. Don’t give up after one mailing. If you haven’t heard anything in six months, send out another package.

If you’ve never illustrated a book before, it might help to compare your work with some professional book illustrators with illustration services to see if your work measures up. Again, with the right mix of talent and determination, you will be able to find a market for your work.

If you are both the author and the illustrator of your work, you might want to add a note to your package letting the publisher know that the story and artwork can be considered separately. That way you won’t lose out if they love your story but not your illustrations, or vice versa.

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