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Author: Noman Malik

Though the Internet may have opened the public sphere has opened up like never before, a serious author still has to determine the most effective method for cultivating a following.  While most agree that the key to promotion and expansion of a product is a strong market presence, establishing a regular rhythm of publication throughout numerous networks is difficult for any artist.  Fortunately, with the introduction of new publication technologies, such as, that consolidate content and automate promotion, the way is clear for creative minds to generate growth for their creative endeavors.

  1. With all the different platforms and content now available, the serious content generator now has to figure out how to create and maintain a following for their work.

Most professionals today understand that, regardless of context, the most effective way to  create and maintain a following is through a strong presence in the public forum.  In order to establish a community presence and gain attention for their work , effective promoters use a variety of platforms, from Twitter, to MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, to publish regular flow of compositions.  The more work there is, the wider the reach within the community.  Of course, no one can produce an opus every night, so for a person to create a regular stream of publications, the publications will necessarily vary in length and refinement.  That’s why a variety of publication platforms is so important.  Formats like social networking sites and micro-blogs are perfect for posting updates and commentaries, while blogs and web pages can give a more complete perspective of an artist’s work and voice.

The final hurdle however is to maintain a steady stream of content among all these platforms.  Even when accounting for a tiered approach of timeliness and refinement, maintaining a regular online presence is a lot of work.  Fortunately, there are now a new media infrastructures, such as, that streamline the publication process.  Technologies such as are designed for a creative person seeking to grow their impact online.  These networks provide a consolidated publication tool set offering free web space, microblogging and blogging technologies.  Additionally, they then automate, optimize and update the flow of content across other social media formats as designed by the user.

Finally, the key to the public sphere is no longer held by a few powerful publishing agencies.  The numerous publication frameworks, and new technologies like have opened the door for those seeking to expand the both the breadth and depth of their of their impact.  With these technologies, all that it takes to distinguish yourself is your own unique voice.  So why hold back?  The world waits to hear from you!

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