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Publish Ebooks On Iphone And Ipod Touch In 3 Simple Steps

Author: M and R Selected

eBooks are sold in Apple’s App Store via two main channels. First, an ebook sold as an individual App (the short form of “application”). It has its own application icon on the iPhone screen.  Alternatively, some ebooks are sold through ebook reader applications. Buyers have to login into the particular reader in order to find the ebook to buy.

For selling an ebook as an App via App Store, Apple gives out 70% (fixed) of the revenue to the publisher. For an ebook selling at .99, the publisher gets .99 for each copy sold.

The revenue sharing ratios of selling-via-ebook-readers vary. They can be 50% (or less). Some writers and authors rely on those ebook readers to publish their books because they can leave the format conversion and programming works to the ebook readers’ developers. Their books will not appear in the App Store but in the ebook readers’ web pages. If an iPhone user has not installed the ebook reader, he/she will no notice the existence of the published ebook.

The format conversion and programming works deter a large number of authors from the first option though it gives significantly higher return.

M&R Selected is now providing an ebook conversion service to individual authors to publish ebooks on iPhone and iPod Touch platforms at www.publishebook123.com. In three simple steps, the ebooks are to be launched as individual Apps appearing in App Store. The authors are getting 70% of the revenue directly from Apple without being shared by any other party.

Self publishers should note a number of crucial points from the design of the book cover to the flow of information in the book. Tightly organized contents differ bestsellers from the others. Check out www.publishebook123.com to find out the resources.

If you are interested in publishing your ebook, it is an estimate of the cash flow to you. For example, the marked price of your ebook is .99. You get .99 for each copy sold. If you sell 30 copies everyday, you get 91 monthly. Remember there were 45 million iPhones and 3 million iPod Touch sold by the end of 2009. Thirty 30 sales per day is a very conservative estimation. 30 sales means 0.0000625% (or 1 in every 1.6 million) of the users buying from you. Your sales can easily exceed that number. Putting up 2 ebooks can easily give you ,000 per month. If your book attract enough readers and being put up in the “Top Paid” list, you may be selling over 2,500 copies per day. For the same .99 ebook, you are making at least ,475 per day. I leave the calculation to you. Just check out the “Books” category in the App Store, you can see many people are making it everyday.

With years of experience in designing portable device user interface, the conversion model in www.publishebook123.com can equip your ebook with all the features in enhancing reader experience. The features include night reading mode, changeable font, font size, background colour, remarkable bookmarks, and many more.

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About the Author

M&R Selected is an experienced mobile software developer on iPhone, Symbian, Android and Windows platforms. We did freelance projects for customers in various fields. The ebook publishing service is a product designed for writers to publish their own ebooks on iPhone and iPod Touch systems.