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Experience Higher Efficiency & Faster Delivery Using Digital Publishing Services

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With heightened competition in the industry and a recent move toward e-Books, publishers are struggling to get content to market faster. Also, the Internet has enabled the creation of large amounts of content that needs to be promptly converted into media rich content and published at just the right time.

There are a number of content transformation providers who cater to this growing segment of publishing, with digitization at the core of their service offerings.

Digitization comprises of eBook creation, fast publishing, digital archives, Dynamic Content Management (DCM), rapid content conversion and online content quality analysis (QA).

Since digitization of content involves many intricate and elaborate processes, it is a challenge for publishing houses to digitize content in-house. The most efficient approach is to pass content to experts who provide digital publishing services, thereby reducing processing costs and increasing overall throughput.

The following are the advantages of using professional digital publishing solutions:

1.e-Books: Publishes e-Book content in a consistent and reusable standard format ensuring that the content can be quickly and easily repurposed for any delivery mechanism (print or online), revealing new revenue streams for publishers.

2.Fast Publishing: Provides a full-range of editorial, composition and conversion services for getting content to market faster

3. Digital Archives: Provides flexible digital formats of legacy content assets

4.Online Content QA: Enables QA support throughout the year and shortens the cycle time

5.Dynamic Content Management (DCM): Covers the entire process of collecting, mining, analyzing and merging large, dynamic volumes of content into manageable and useful information sets

6.Content Production Optimization: Optimizes content workflows to shorten cycle time and end product delivery

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