The Texas Longhorns Coach Shows No Worries to the Under Man Problem

By Bobby Brister

The Texas Longhorns’ fall camp training sessions opened with Coach Brown having a lot to do. After last season, 18 players left the Longhorns. A number of these athletes belonged to their best-rated players. To mention a few, there were QB Colt McCoy, WR Jordan Shipley, OT Adam Ulatoski, OG Charlie Tanner.

McCoy has signed an agreement with Cleveland’s Browns. The Cincinnati Bengals got Jordan Shipley in the 2010 NFL draft. Two team members has gone in as free agents in other teams. Houston signed a contract with Ulatoski and the New York Jets got Tanner.

The first concern of fall camp for this season is to train freshmen and sophomore players and enable them to take the place of older players who can then be moved up to man the important positions that were left behind after the exodus. Obviously, the task is not an easy one.

Undaunted by the long odds he is currently facing, coach Mack Brown is anticipating the best outcome for his team this season. He doesn’t rely on predictions. He pointed out that just before pulling off the unexpected in 2008, the team had been expected to make a score of 9-3 or even less. Of course, they surprised everyone by finishing with a 12-1. In the succeeding season they upped that tally by another winning point 13-1. They had then gone on to compete in the BCS national championship, a match which they lost to Alabama. In spite of that, they had managed to raise their overall rating. By the time fall camp opened this year they sit in number four position.

The current rating of the team has been called exaggerated by some pundits on the grounds that the current unmanned condition of the team does not justify placing them in the fourth position. Justifiable or not, that position puts them close to the top and gives them a much better chance to compete in the championships.

Coach Mack Brown doesn’t like to underestimate the power of belief. The fact that they had excellent expectations for themselves in their last games is important for him. said “When we weren’t expected by the public to win all the games and our players and coaches still expected to…”

There are also optimistic pundits who think that the chances of the Longhorns for winning the trophy this year are great. One contribution factor is the fact that their most formidable opponent has been scheduled to face them towards the season’s end. By that time, the team will have made its new organization very effective.

The coach has also revamped the units of the game. He has made sure to place talent where they are needed. For instance, their back line is not manned by Aaron Williams, Curtis Brown, Chyke Brown and Blake Gideon.

One big reason for being optimistic about this season’s games is sophomore Garrett Gilbert who is a dynamo of talent and determination. In the last championship, it took him time to adjust to the game play. When he finally did on the second half, he almost achieved the comeback that the Longhorns are reaching for.

Whatever the pundits say, they have their reasons for saying. While player count doesn’t necessarily add up to a winning game neither does pure talent and determination. The glaring fact is that coach Brown is in for many training sessions this year.


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