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The Greatest Book Publishing Templates Around

Author: Jason Creation

Book publishing templates are cover templates that are generally used by self publishing companies. Most mainstream publishers tend to use different cover designs for every book that they publish, but that is not to say that they won”t have generalized templates for certain genres. Mysteries and romances are subjects that respond well to the template form as this makes it easier for genre aficionado to pick out the books they want to read from a shelf full of assorted titles. People don”t seem to be put off by the fact that some publishing houses do work with book publishing templates so long as their work is out in the public domain.

While templates used to be something that only regular publishers and self publishing companies worked with, there is now a plethora of websites offering downloadable book publishing templates. If you are self publishing then there are now websites aimed specifically at the self publisher; these sites provide a huge choice of cover designs and it is relatively easy to find something that suits your particular genre or niche – a major consideration when you are publishing something you hope will be popular.

Most book publishing templates are designed to work with manuscripts that have already been converted to PDF format, although it is possible to load your template and then send the whole thing to PDF. There is an increasing tendency for authors who may have had their manuscript rejected by mainstream publishing houses to go the self-publishing route.

Normal book publishing templates are slightly different to the templates that are aimed at those people seeking to publish an E-book. When people go down this route,it is not because they have been rejected by a mainstream publisher, but because their manuscript is aimed at online reader. Books that are designed to be read online are set out differently to books that may be downloadable, but that are primarily aimed at the print market.

Some sites offer book publishing templates for free, but these are generally quite limited in terms of choice and design. If you do intend to self-publish and you want your book to sell well then it is worth paying out that little bit extra to get a wider choice of template designs and styles. Online self-publishing companies often have book templates that are aimed at specific genres, the best of these companies will also provide you with information on best pricing and how to publicize your manuscript. If you are thinking of self publishing your novel, then it is always a good idea to keep as close as possible to the guidelines that are offered by mainstream publishing houses as this is a format that works for the reader.

If you publish an your manuscript online and it sells well, you may want to think about revising it a little and resubmitting to a mainline publisher, especially if you have had some really positive reader reviews of your book. You never know, for many authors a second submission has proved out to be the lucky one and they can see their book in print and on the shelves of bookstores.

Book publishing templates and self publishing may not be the route that every author wants to take, but it is a niche where people are at least reading what you have written, and surely this is the major aim of every successful author.

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