Learn How Make Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake in 5 Easy Steps

Author: G. Smitty

Baking cakes is a wonderful kitchen task for stay at home mums. Both children and fathers adore delicious cakes. The chocolate chip coffee cake is a common type. It has the most striking melting texture. If you want to bake this coffee cake, serve it the next day. The reason for it is that the cake has to cool down completely first. Therefore, after you finish baking it, you must cover it perfectly with a plastic wrap. Then, keep it at room temperature until the next day comes. This wonderful coffee cake is the simplest to make.

You should take approximately an hour and twenty minutes in total. The first twenty-five minutes are for preparation whereas the fifty-five minutes are for baking. Probably you have been planning to surprise your family with the food you cook. Bake this tasty cake for a change. The initial step to take is to search for great recipes. If you lack a cookery book, or if you have baked all types of cakes in yours, try searching the Internet.

Several kitchen or cookery experts often post recipes for readers. You will certainly find many recipes that you probably have not tried before. You are free to use your cooking creativity. Therefore, you might want to create a recipe personally. Generally, sweet chocolate chip coffee cakes use the following ingredients:
• Three cups of flour
• One cup of sugar
• A quarter cup of brown sugar
• A half cup of softened butter
• A three quarters cup of milk
• A quarter cup of orange juice
• One tablespoon of baking powder
• A quarter tablespoon of salt
• A tablespoon of cinnamon
• A quarter cup of softened butter
• Three quarter cup of brown sugar
• A quarter cup of flour
• One and a half cups of semisweet chocolate chips
• One cup of chopped pecans. Alternatively, use cooking oatmeal.
• Two eggs
How do you prepare your chocolate chip coffee cake? Once you learn how to bake this cake, you will love it. The steps are easy and direct:
• First, preheat your oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Pick a big bowl. Blend three cups flour, sugar, a quarter cup of brown sugar, and a half-cup of butter, milk, two eggs, orange juice, baking powder, salt and cinnamon together. You should stir continuously until you make a smooth paste.
• In a medium size bowl, mix the three quarter cup of brown sugar, a quarter cup of flour and a quarter cup of butter. Blend these dry ingredients well. Then, add this to a mix of chocolate chips and oatmeal or pecans and mix well.
• Take a 10-inched angel food cake pan (grease free). Spread a half of the cake batter into it and top with half of the filling. Apply the remaining batter over the filling. If not well covered, use the remaining filling.
• Bake your chocolate chip coffee cake for fifty to sixty minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees F. It should look golden brown. Remove it from the pan instantly and place it on the wire rack. Serve it the next day.

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