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Self Publish Your Own Book

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The first thing you need to when you decide to self publish is make up your mind that you are going to do this regardless of what happens. This is because as you soon as you tell someone else that you are going to be self publishing you are usually going to get some negative comments. So you need to have made your decision within your mind and decide to stick to it all the way through.

The second thing you have to do is to actually write. It may sound stupid or silly but you actually have to put writing at the top of your priority list. You may actually have to use your free time to do the writing, and have less time to hang out with your friends or family. Now I am not saying do not have a balanced life, you just have to try always putting your writing first.

The third thing you have to consider is to just write as much as you can. Do not worry about what form it is going to be in, whether it is going to be published or even if there is errors just continue to write. Get all your thoughts onto paper or your screen if you are using a computer. Only after you have written all your thoughts down, then you can go back and check for errors and also do the formatting.

When it comes to formatting your work you can get yourself software called Creative Suite, the latest version. They have an in built feature called In Design, which is great for laying out your self published books. It also allows you to do a lot of editing including your cover design. If you ever want to get your book in a store you need to get what is called an ISBN number.

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