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Need some cheap custom label printing over the holidays? Well look no further, because with the tips I am going to give you, you should be able to save a lot in label printing just by adopting some simple techniques. Custom labels are easy enough to produce cheaply if you really know what you are doing. First let me tell you about those printing discounts.

• Get those printing discounts – Every holiday season, people are quite generous. Even label printing services get the spirit of the holidays and will usually offer quite a number of discounts if you print with them. From free services like free chemical coatings, proof reading or folding, they might even lower printing quotations for certain times. That is why you need to take advantage of this season and get those printing discounts. Just try to search and monitor for those online label printing companies and get those discounts as soon as you can. You might be able to save 10-15% of your printing cost just because of those holiday offers.

• Print whole sale for the next year – Now, since it is almost the end of the year, printing labels over the holidays also presents you the opportunity to produce your new labels cheaply through wholesale printing. Since label printing becomes cheaper the more pieces of booklets you print, it is the perfect time of the year to print a new batch of labels that can be ready for a new start. So why not print in wholesale and get a great discount per piece of label printing.

• Print changing/customizable labels – You can also save on label printing costs if you design and print labels that can easily be customizable. For example, labels that can be written with certain blank areas. You can have your company logo or product brand symbol on the side and a space where a custom message can be added. This makes the label quite useful for a multitude of situations. You’ll get your money’s worth with these kinds of custom labels and you won’t have to print other ones that can add more costs to your label printing.

• Dial down the size – If your label printing costs are still not quite ideal after considering the points above, you can try physically dialing down the size of your custom labels for a cheaper printing price. Even just removing an inch or two to your label dimensions can save you money when printing a lot of labels. It might make your design a little tight but at least your budget will be okay.

• Dial down the colors – Finally, if you are really desperate to lower your label costs this season, you can sacrifice some colors in production. Try to use a spot color or specific color printing and abandon full four color printing altogether. In this way, you will only use one pure color for printing eliminating the added costs of the full four color process. This can reduce your costs for label printing to a good degree, albeit at the cost of some aesthetic value in the color labels.

Great! Hopefully these solutions can really help you out with your label printing scheme. Good Luck!

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