Chicago is famous for many things. Apart from being a tourist destination of importance, it also is a place which has always been in the limelight for publishing various types of books. After New York, it perhaps is one of the most important destinations for publishing and printing of various types of books.

It has a rich history and tradition of around 175 years. Over the years the number of book publishing companies in Chicago has multiplied quite rapidly. Therefore for many customers, separating the grain from the chaff is quite tough. An attempt therefore is being made to understand the various points to be kept in mind whenever there is a need to identify a quality book publishing company in this city.

As an author, you have to bear in mind that identifying a suitable publishing company in Chicago could be a tough task unless you know how to go about it. Let us get started with the market dynamic as far as book publishing in this part of the country is concerned. This certainly will help to take some cues and then move forward in the matter

Traditional Publishing Methods

Authors would perhaps know how the traditional methods of book publishing work. As an author you must be in a position to identify the right Chicago book publishers who have a good reputation and goodwill. They must have been in this line of business for a many years and must enjoy the trust and confidence of both authors and the other stakeholders. The challenge for the authors is to persuade the publishers to take up your work for publishing. They will do so only when they find value in the work which you wish to publish.

Once your work is perceived to have value for the author, they will take the onus on themselves for publishing and printing the book. They will also pay you an upfront fee for publishing. Additionally they also will also pay the authors a mutually agreed royalty for each copy sold.

Hence the responsibilities lie with on the authors to hard-sell their work and ensure that they get the best deal. They must also be sure that the publishers are reliable and they will honor the contractual obligations in letter and spirit.

The World Of Self-Publishing

There are many authors who would like to by-pass the publishers and printers and would like to also be the publishers themselves. In fact there are a few Chicago book publishing companies who could have started publishing their own books covering various topics. They might, over the years become publishers once they have gained enough experience and expertise.

However, if you are a new author, trying to become a publisher on your own may not be the way forward. This is because it is an expensive proposition and setting up the infrastructure to publish your own book could be an inhibiting factor.
How Should Young And Budding Writers Go About It

While experience writers in Chicago would have mastered the art of using publishers to their benefit, here are a few tips which could help them to build their success story brick by brick over a period of years. You must get into the job of publishing only when you have developed a flair for writing. Your works must be interesting and must have a sizeable readership. This does not happen overnight.

Instead of trying to win over reputed and big publishing companies in Chicago you could try to identify some friendly group of writers and readers who could get you started into the world of publishing. Additionally there are a few more important points to be kept in mind before you actually start serious looking for publishing companies in Chicago:

You must be able to determine the category of work which you are keen on publishing.
You must be able to do a reasonably accurate commercial potential of your work. No publishers in Chicago would be willing to take up your work unless they are able to see some money in it.
You must follow and understand the publishing guidelines of the publishers and agents. Not all of them can be seen in a straight jacket mode.
You must research properly and find out suitable publisher/publishers who would be willing to accept your work and publish it.


Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that identifying the right publishers in Chicago is all about understanding your areas of strength as an author and then working on it.