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The Apple Ipad Tablet And Amazon Kindle Make E-Subscriptions The Future For Publishers

Author: Aaron Walker

How much paper and ink could be saved by having e-newspapers and e-magazines instead of printed ones? How much energy can be saved by not running the massive machinery that is used to print all of these publications?

Digital news stands offering e-subscriptions for e-newspapers or e-magazines are not a main stream idea right now, however, digital news stands can offer e-subscriptions to many upcoming e-magazines and e-newspapers. The New York Times and Sports Illustrated have both been rumored to have some affiliation with the Apple iPad Tablet and may have other slate and tablet devices in thier sights as well. The Apple iPad tablet, Nook E-reader, Amazon Kindle, and other slate or tablet devices will make e-subscriptions for news and magazine publications available to many of us quite soon. There are some publications currently offering online reading and e-subscription services that use a digital new stand or electronic subscription option and there have been rumors that more major publications are working towards this as an option as well.

The possibility of purchasing an e-subscription for your favorite e-magazines or e-newspapers will likely be another popular feature on the Apple iPad tablet, Amazon Kindle, or other slate tablet devices. Along with the ease of access and the ability to skip a trip to the local store or news stand for a newspaper or magazine, e-newspapers or e-magazines will also have an impact on the reduction of paper waste and the hassles of recycling. The Amazon Kindle, the Apple iPad tablet, and other slate or e-reader devices can make e-subscriptions a posibility and these new tablet devices could become the greatest green living idea since recycling. If you would like to buy an Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Nook or other E-reader device you will find many online options. You may want to check out some additional information sources and articles about e-subscriptions. Visit Hub Pages to read additional articles about the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle for E-magazines and E-newspapers.

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